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August 11, 12, 2010 Tribute to the British Invasion, Strathmore Music Center

July 17, 2010 Concert at Jammin' Java!

Thanks for coming out!

Post-Op CD

The recordings made for the never released 3rd album along with the hundreds of Doctors songs in the vault made assembling the third album a challenge for us -- there are so many good tunes that it was difficult deciding which ones to release. There are almost enough songs that were recorded for the third album to do two CDs. Add to that the many demos of songs that were done for the 1st and 2nd album that have never been released and you can see our difficulties in deciding which ones would make the cut --

For example, Cal wrote a ballad called "I'll Never Go to Africa," that Joe Cocker considered recording. And then there is "Communication," an almost techno rocker Cal wrote that is very, how do you say, danceable. Severson had several twisted harder rock songs that were included in the Resconstruction CD, "Motel Venus," and "Coliseum Rock," and a strange song about Russia called "Twisting in Leningrad," that defies description. George's "Bring Back the Fire" is a rock anthem piece that takes up where "Second Opinion" leaves off.

The Doctors also re-recorded a song that was included on their very first demo from 1979,"Daddy Drives a UFO," written by George which is the first song that we know of that uses the word "defoliation." Then there are the pop songs; "Help is On the Way," "The Big Hurt," "Taking After Ronnie," and "Worldy One," the first song written by drummer Tom, etc. etc.

Then there are the all the demos from years ago that Must Be Heard and the ones we've written since that are yet to be recorded and you can see the problem-- "but Sire, which notes would you have me remove?"

The CD was available for sale at the concert June 19 and 20 and will soon be available on the new "merch" page here at along with DVDs, t-shirts and posters.
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It's finally ready! It was available at the June 19 & 20 shows and will also be available on the "merch" page here at

Hi-Def Post-Op Concert DVD from Jammin' Java June 19 & 20

It's in the works!


On February 15th, 2009 the Doctors appeared at the WAMMIES, the Washington Area Music Awards at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA and played "Opus Ten," and "I Want Her." Tom Ballew was kind enough to fly in all the way from Washington State for the gig as we wouldn't play without him. A good time was had by all!

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